About us

Our Mission

The Chinese Community Wellbeing Society exists to support the health and social care needs of the Chinese speaking community across the South West of England.

Our Aims

  • To relieve sickness, hardship and distress by providing assistance, advice, representation and services amongst the Chinese community in the area of benefit.
  • To provide or assist in the provision of facilities for recreation or other leisure time occupation for Chinese women or for those persons who have need of such facilities by reason of their youth, age, infirmity or disablement, poverty or social and economic circumstances in the interest of social welfare with a view to improving their conditions of life.
  • The advancement of education between the Chinese community and the local community through educational, cultural and social activities.

Our Core Values

  • CCWS is respected and trusted by both the Chinese community we serve and statutory stakeholders and partners we work alongside.
  • CCWS is committed to achieving social justice for the most vulnerable individuals and families in the Chinese community of Bristol and the surrounding area.
  • CCWS is a needs led organisation delivering and supporting the delivery of health and social care services that are relevant and culturally meaningful for the Chinese community of Bristol and the surrounding area.
  • CCWS is non-judgmental and works to a strict ethical code of sensitivity and confidentiality with all its clients.
  • CCWS is committed to defending and advancing the principles of equality and human rights for its clients and staff across all its work and activity.

Our Role

According to the latest figures available there are about 10,000 Chinese people in the Bristol area.

The Group has an important and developing role to play within Bristol and the surrounding area. It aims to be a key community resource in the provision of advice and information for the Chinese people.

The main aim of the Group is to break down the isolation suffered by the Chinese community as a result of both language and cultural barriers. The Group works with individuals to develop their self-confidence and in groups to develop self help.

Many disadvantaged groups such as the elderly, disabled and families on low income, because of language barriers, fall through the gaps in other services and are picked up by the Group.

By highlighting such gaps in provision the Group builds an important networking link with the existing statutory and voluntary agencies in the Bristol area to enable this disadvantaged group to access the services that they provide.

Since its formation the Chinese Community Wellbeing Society has had many requests for help by individuals, statutory and voluntary organisations. The Group has been recognised as an important resource for the Chinese community in our area.

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