Care Support Service

Carers need a break too. Our Care Support Service is made up of a team of care support workers from the Chinese community who visit the person you are caring for in their own home while you have a break.  The care support workers are well trained and can also help with light domestic chores, giving you peace of mind.

For more information please see our leaflet in Chinese or English

Carers films in Mandarin and Cantonese
Do you know you are a carer if you look after someone who is ill, frail or disabled? They can be your family, friends or neighbours. To find out more please watch the Chinese films we produced with the Carers Support Centre.

你知道你可能是一名護理人嗎? 護理人是那些無償照顧身邊的家人, 朋友或者鄰居的人。這些被照顧的人可能患病,體弱或者傷殘。請觀看以下由本會和護理人支援中心聯合製作的影片。護理人可以獲得支援和幫助, 請致電0117 955 3330 或 0808 802 0012 (免費熱線) 了解更多。

Carers Video (Cantonese 廣東話)

你知道你可能是一名护理人吗? 护理人是那些无偿照顾身边的家人, 朋友或者邻居的人。这些被照顾的人可能患病, 体弱或者伤残。请观看以下由本会和护理人支援中心联合制作的影片。护理人可以获得支援和帮助, 请致电0117 955 3330 或 0808 802 0012 (免费热线) 了解更多。

Carers Video (Mandarin 普通话)

Our contact telephone number is 0117 955 3330.


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